Email Recovery for Outlook Express.

Many of us have mixed feelings about Outlook Express mail service. It is an excellent choice of a mail service with core functionality and it provides almost everything you need for effective communications. Yet, we often get frustrated at the mail inaccessibility and service breakdowns. The reason behind our frustration and service incapacity is an inherent vulnerability of DBX files to system faults and service ending errors. Does it mean that we should give up on our loyal Outlook Express mail service and start looking for a more cumbersome and pricy solution? Definitely, it is not the case. With a couple of finishing touches we can make our mail service ever more reliable and secure.

The Right Tool in the Right Place.

In most cases service incapacity is caused by minor header corruptions and does not lead to serious data losses. Outlook Express recovery and file restoration won't be a problem if you keep a recovery tool at hand. In such a case an Outlook Express recovery application should scan the DBX files corresponding to your mail folders, make corrections in the file header and/or the body and return restored files to a folder of the user's choice. Outlook Express Email Recovery is the recovery application, just what you need to remedy DBX corruption. It will help restore valuable personal data fast and accurately. The program's main feature is the unique recovery algorithm that guarantees high accuracy and maximum value for your money. The powerful recovery engine will process Outlook Express folders in automatic mode while informing you of ongoing restoration results. After the restoration has been finished, a window with the restored messages will open. The only thing left for you to do is just to move your newly recovered files back into the Outlook Express folders. This operation will take you a couple clicks' time and there you are back in action. As you can see, it's no big deal if you have the right tool in the right place.

Technical Side is Our Care.

Although Outlook Express recovery is a trivial thing, it can't be done without a dedicated tool. DBX recovery as an operation requires a sophisticated recovery engine with DBX-specific restoration algorithms. These include header counter check, DBX file analysis and repair. In case of a more serious repair other means are put to work. But when you use Outlook Express Email Recovery software recovery of your mail folders is carried out in the automatic mode so you needn't bother about the job's technical side. Choose the identity you want to be recovered, choose the folders within the identity and the program will take over. The professional expertise of development team is the guarantee of successful recovery of Outlook Express folders. The group has a long history and a portfolio of solutions for Outlook Express recovery, backup and archiving. So, why not trust your mailbox to the capable hands of the professional?

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