Repair dbx files whose size exceeded the 2Gb

Outlook Express stores messages in special files with DBX extension. The maximum size of a DBX file is 2Gb. Sometimes, when the DBX files exceeds the 2Gb limit, it becomes corrupted and Outlook Express cannot add new emails to the folder, cannot delete emails and sometimes even cannot read the contents of the file. This is called "2Gb problem". Email Recovery for Outlook Express allows you to extract emails from DBX files larger than 2Gb (up to 4Gb). This solves the "2Gb problem".

To solve the 2GB problem, do the following:

  • Use Email Recovery for Outlook Express (download) to extract emails from the Outlook Express folder to Windows folder;
  • Delete the FolderName.dbx file. At the next Outlook Express startup, the FolderName.dbx file will be recreated and of course it will be empty. To find out where Outlook Express stores DBX files, start Outlook Express and click "Tools" -> "Options" -> "Maintenance" -> "Store Folder".
  • Then import your emails from the Windows folder to the Outlook Express folder. To import emails, just drag and drop them to the OE folder. Do not drag all files at once but do it in parts otherwise you will get the 2Gb problem again. For example, you can select about half of the emails in the Windows folder and drag them to the OE folder, then view these emails in Outlook Express and delete/move the unneded ones. Then, similarly drag the remaining emails.

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