How to restore lost Outlook Express messages.

Email Recovery for Outlook Express (download) allows you recover an Outlook Express emails even if you have no DBX files or they are severely damaged. You should to use the entire disk scanning mode in this case.

In the scanning mode, the program scans the content of the entire hard disk (as opposed to viewing DBX files only). Use this mode if you lost your emails when performing Outlook Express folder compacting. Often, as a result of such faults, it is impossible to recover lost messages if only DBX files are scanned. Though the DBX file is rather large, it turns out to be filled with zeros and does not contain emails.

In the scanning mode, message recovery is performed in three steps:
  • Hard drive scan. To begin scanning, click the "Scan the entire disk" tab and then click the necessary disk letter (usually C) in the left part of the program window. The program will start to search for lost emails. Note: scanning can take a lot of time, please be patient. You can see the amount of found messages in the status bar in the bottom part of the program window.
  • After the search is over, the program will display the list of the found emails. Right-click the message list and select the emails you would like to recover. Click the "Save recovered messages" button in the toolbar. Each email message will be saved as a file with the EML extension. To open such a file, double-click it. Note: when specifying the output folder, we highly recommend you to select a folder located on another drive (not being scanned). Otherwise, not all found email messages can be recovered.
  • Importing of EML files from the Windows folder into an Outlook Express folder. To import messages, open the folder with saved EML files in Windows Explorer, start Outlook Express and just use drag & drop to move the EML files to the necessary Outlook Express folder. (Hint: press Ctrl+A to select all files in the Windows Explorer window at once).

    image, import .eml files back to Outlook Express
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